The Léron Story

Soon after the turn of the century, Charles and Margaret Forster arrived from their native Vienna, bringing with them a taste for fine linens. Their first shop, Salon de Trouseau, opened on W. 57th St. in 1910, heralding the elegance and sophistication that Léron would come to epitomize.

745 Fifth Ave

The name Léron was officially acquired in 1931 from the linen house in Paris where many of the Forsters’ first collections were made. It graced the next store, opening that year at 754 Fifth Avenue. This would become the home of Léron for the next 60 years.

Margaret Forster, 1935
750 Madison Ave
Norman Forster, 1998

Norman Forster turned the business his parents had established into a luxury brand, indeed, an institution. Beginning in 1949 with his mother’s passing and for the next 50 years, he worked with artisans across the globe to create new and fresh designs to an ever-changing world.

David Forster, 2015

“Everyone who has ever been anyone, at one time or another, has been a Léron customer”

Norman Forster

David Forster became the third generation to head the business, moving the store in 2009 to New York’s Decoration & Design (D&D) Building at 979 Third Avenue.  Today the company is located in the heart of Long Island City, New York’s up and coming neighborhood of artisan studios and workrooms.  Located in the historic Silks Building, Léron is just a ten minute ride from the Upper East Side across the 59th Street Bridge.